Hamad Medical Corporation

Hamad Medical Corporation

Welcome to Hamad Medical Corporation, the premier non-profit health care provider in Doha, Qatar. Established by Emiri decree in 1979, the Corporation manages four highly specialized hospitals: Hamad General Hospital, Rumailah Hospital, Women’s Hospital, Psychiatric Hospital and the Primary Health Care Centers.

Through the years, Hamad Medical Corporation has fulfilled its mandate of providing the best quality care for all patients irrespective of nationality, and played its role in providing “Health For All” as pledged by the State of Qatar.

Since its establishment in October 1979, HMC has rapidly developed highly specialized medical facilities capable of providing state of the art diagnosis and treatment of diseases that previously could only be managed in overseas medical centers.

The Corporation implements a policy of continuous improvement of all management systems and patient care protocols. All equipments and facilities are upgraded in order to keep all hospitals constantly ready to provide high quality care.

Continued expansion of facilities for diagnosis and therapy is the focus of efforts in short term. Coupled with the new facility construction program is a sustained effort to attract and retain the best human resources to provide the diagnostic and therapeutic skills needed.

HMC, throughout the 23-year existence of Hamad General Hospital, has accumulated a wealth of vital information essential to improve therapeutic outcome and plan public education. The profile of patients has altered in 22 years and new trends, which the Corporation has to address, have emerged. A Research Center has been established.

The Corporation has completed the installation of a corporate-wide Information Systems internet linking all local area networks (LANs). This has made quick access to information possible through office computers. Access to information should help departments plan their budgets, consult each other and prioritize the allocation of corporate resources.

The public needs to be informed guided in the sense of general health awareness. Health issues that have cropped up over the years are diabetes and other nutritional and metabolic ailments, the need for physical fitness, high incidence of cardiovascular disease, safety in everyday life to prevent catastrophic accidents, mental health, cancers and genetic counseling.

An explosion in the amount of information has noticeably taken place within the Corporation. The number of scientific lectures held monthly has considerable increased, and the Corporation is organizing an increasing number of medical conferences. The growing number of international experts visiting HMC indicates a greater use of overseas skills in health care and management. Management has taken up the challenge of accelerating the internal exchange of information to general fresh ideas.

The management and staff of Hamad Medical Corporation has coped with huge increases in demand during the past 23 years and provided quality care with its resources. The Corporation continues to provide cost efficient hospital care, and introduce modern methods of diagnosis and utilize state of the art therapy and management. This assures high quality health care for all.