INNA-Q's Innauguration

02/12/2008 22:39

The Inauguration Ceremony of the Indonesian National Nurses Association of Qatar (INNA-Q) was successfully held at the Wisma Nusantara – Qatar Ambassador Building on 18th November 2008 at 08:00 pm, with over 50 guests from all sectors of the Indonesian Embassy staff and Indonesian-Qatar Community (PERMIQA) attending. The Ceremony commenced with the welcome address by Bapak H. M. Rozy Munir, in his capacity as Indonesian Ambassador of Qatar. The address was very inspiring as it outlined the importance of Nursing Professionalism to support Department of Health achieve global competitiveness and the role of the INNA-Q as a manpower healthcare facility in Qatar.

Daben Suhendi, the President of INNA-Q, personally took this opportunity to thank to Ambassador Bapak H.M. Rozy Munir, Pak Andang, Pak Adjat, Pak Ali Mustofa (President of PERMIQA) and all embassy staff for their support and presented the event to all the organizers and supporting organizations of the INNA-Q. The Ceremony closed at around 08:25 pm with very positive feedback from attendees.


The INNA-Q is now effectively open for member and public. For further information please contact us at +974-4661512 or +974-5190730.